Media Studies

Civil Liberties and Subcultures

The Arts

  • Rodney Graham (Vancouver magazine, May 2014)

  • Super Friends (Vancouver magazine, March 2014). Life in a Vancouver animation studio. (With Kenny Park.)

  • Made in Vancouver: Omer Arbel (Vancouver magazine, October 2013). How a polymath dreamer became one of Canada's most successful industrial designers.

  • Andrew Grassie at the Rennie Collection (Frieze, March 2013). Review.

  • World Within World (Nuvo magazine, Spring 2013). Profile of the photo-conceptual artist Ian Wallace.

  • Designing Vancouver’s Future (Vancouver magazine, July, 2012). Matthew Soules was designing a leisure palace until the recession bankrupted his dreams.

  • The Outsiders: profile of John and Patricia Patkau (Vancouver magazine, June 2012). Unwilling to contribute to the city’s condo-gorged skyline, two of our most accomplished architects take their humane design into the field.

  • Stacked: The Future of Libraries (Walrus magazine, April 2012). Printed books may be dwindling, but libraries across Canada are getting along fine without them.

  • Robert Orchardson (Frieze, March 2012). Review.

  • Yesterday’s Dream (Western Living, January 2012). Modernism Week in Palm Springs.

  • Ron Terada at Catriona Jeffries Gallery (Frieze magazine, October 2011). Review.

  • Rude Awakening (Walrus magazine, September 2011). Steven Shearer at the Venice Biennale.

  • Play Mates (Walrus magazine, May 2011). The struggle and brilliant history of Vancouver's Electric Company.

  • Exhibit L.A.  (Western Living, 2011). Gallery hopping in Culver City.

  • Still Life (Vancouver magazine, June 2009). A profile of painter Gordon Smith.  * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

  • The Philanthropist (Vancouver magazine, March 2009). A profile of real estate mogul Michael Audain.

  • The Master of Shangri-La (Vancouver magazine, January 2009). A profile of prolific architect James Cheng. * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

  • The Bing Picture (Vancouver magazine, June 2008). A profile of architect Bing Thom.  * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

  • Heritage on the Rocks (Vancouver magazine, March 2008). An Arthur Erickson masterpiece is demolished.

  • No-Name City (Vancouver Review, 2006). Searching for Vancouver's soul by looking to its stages.  * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

  • King Arthur (Vancouver magazine, September 2006). One of the final profiles of the great architect Arthur Erickson. * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards