Creative Nonfiction Conference

Really looking forward to spending a few days at the 2015 CNFC Conference in Victoria (April 23-26). I'll be doing a workshop about the nuts and bolts of actually writing (i.e. how many calories in, per word out? What are the ultimate Songza playlists for writing Epliogues? How do you hide the evidence from boyfriends when you watch a whole season of Mindy on Netflix when you were supposed to be "researching?" All shall be revealed. 

And then there's also a plenary panel with two other writers: Charlotte Gill and Brenda Miller. We'll be talking about what privacy means for writers in the Age of Screens. What does it, I wonder?

Bonus: It's in bloody Victoria! I get to have cocktails at The Bengal Lounge and wander the hallowed aisles of Munro's Books. Bliss.