Prisons We Love to Live Inside

So: a little while back the folk at Toronto's beloved Bloor Cinema asked me to help organize an event related to The End of Absence. I think we've pulled together a really swell night. "Prisons We Love To Live Inside" starts at 6:30 p.m., on August 20, when guests will watch The Matrix on their luxe screen; then our panel will parse out where the movie got things right and wrong. Is The Matrix a prescient masterwork of screen-age dystopia? Is it just flashy fear-mongering from digital immigrants who don't get the Interwebs? We'll have the movie, the future, and digital life all figured out by the end of the night. 

Our chat will be moderated by the brilliant film critic John Semley (Globe and Mail, National Post); and joining me on the panel will be Craig Silverman (founding editor of Buzzfeed Canada), Julia Cooper (managing editor at Cleo), and Nora Yong (host of CBC's tech show Spark). Come on down, why don't you? Click here for details and tickets.