Selected Highlights from Magazines and Newspapers...

My Ex Died of AIDS—But That’s Not What Killed Him (Globe & Mail, December, 2018)

Getting Married in the Age of Trump (Globe & Mail, July 2018)

The Problem with Praise (Globe & Mail, April 2018)

I have Forgotten How To Read (Globe & Mail, February 2018)

Why Frankenstein is More Relevant Than Ever (Esquire, January 2018)

How Conjoined Twins are Making Scientists Question the Concept of Self (The Walrus, November, 2017).

The Benefits of Solitude (The Walrus, April 2017)

Geoffrey Farmer (Nuvo magazine, Spring 2017)

Gutenberg's Fingerprint, review (Globe and Mail, April 8, 2017)

Why Your Angry Tweets Are Not Enough (Huffington Post, February 15, 2017)

The Attention Merchants (Globe and Mail, October 21, 2016)

A Field Guide to Lies (Globe and Mail, September 2, 2016)

The Last of the Daydreamers (Adbusters, April, 2015)

How the Web Became Our External Brain (Wired, August 2014)

The Perils of Ambient Work (Harvard Business Review, August 2014)

Why We Need Fewer Opinions (Psychology Today, August 2014)

The Rise of the YouTube Confessional (Huffington Post, August 2014)

Digital Obesity among Children (Globe & Mail, July 25, 2014)

It's Complicated (The Walrus, October, 2014). Gay and evangelical at Trinity Western University.

Rodney Graham (Vancouver magazine, May 2014)

Super Friends (Vancouver magazine, March 2014). Life in a Vancouver animation studio. (With Kenny Park.)

Olympic Pride (The Walrus, March 2014). Why our athletes can't ignore Russia's anti-gay laws.

Hot Wired (The Walrus, October 2013). How online hookups are changing our sex lives.

Made in Vancouver: Omer Arbel (Vancouver magazine, October 2013). How a polymath dreamer became one of Canada's most successful industrial designers.

Andrew Grassie at the Rennie Collection (Frieze, March 2013). Review.

World Within World (Nuvo magazine, Spring 2013). Profile of the photo-conceptual artist Ian Wallace.

The Education of Jeffrey Moore (Vancouver magazine, January 2013). The 15-year battle for a boy's right to attend public school.

Bad Blood (The Walrus, December 2012). The politics of gay blood donations. Click here to listen to an audio podcast of this article.

The Greater Good: Treating HIV in British Columbia (Vancouver Magazine, October 2012). How far will we go to get HIV-positive people on medication? * Finalist Western Magazine Awards

Profile of Joe Arvay (Walrus magazine, October 2012). The life work of Canada's greatest interpreter of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. * Finalist National Magazine Awards

Clearing House (Maisonneuve, June 2012). When our parents grow old, how do we empty their homes?

Stacked: The Future of Libraries (Walrus magazine, April 2012). Printed books may be dwindling, but libraries across Canada are getting along fine without them.

Robert Orchardson (Frieze, March 2012). Review.

Yesterday’s Dream (Western Living, January 2012). Modernism Week in Palm Springs.

Ron Terada at Catriona Jeffries Gallery (Frieze magazine, October 2011). Review.

Life After Death: HIV 30 Years On (Walrus magazine, September 2011). 30 years after HIV was identified, a new generation grows up in its long shadow. Click here to read a review of the piece by The Atlantic Wire. 

Rude Awakening (Walrus magazine, September 2011). Steven Shearer at the Venice Biennale.

Play Mates (Walrus magazine, May 2011). The struggle and brilliant history of Vancouver's Electric Company.

Zero Patience (Vancouver magazine, May, 2011). Julio Montaner's research has saved millions of lives--why is the government keeping him from saving millions more? * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

Skip to the Loo (Walrus magazine, March 2011). Why public toilets matter.

The Unrepentant Whore (Walrus magazine, June 2010). Why Canada needs brothels. * Finalist - National Magazine Awards

Still Life (Vancouver magazine, June 2009). A profile of painter Gordon Smith.  * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

The Master of Shangri-La (Vancouver magazine, January 2009). A profile of prolific architect James Cheng. * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

The Bing Picture (Vancouver magazine, June 2008). A profile of architect Bing Thom.  * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards

Heritage on the Rocks (Vancouver magazine, March 2008). An Arthur Erickson masterpiece is demolished.

King Arthur (Vancouver magazine, September 2006). One of the final profiles of the great architect Arthur Erickson. * Finalist - Western Magazine Awards